Lab life

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Information across different pages of this section was taken from various resources, and will give you a glimpse into the ways we try to live our lab life, build our relationships within the lab, aiming to have fun while enjoying a successful and productive career for each member of the group. 


A strong laboratory community is critical for the success of each member. Each person brings a unique set of skills and a very individual way of thinking about problems. Bringing these disparate approaches to scientific questions is a powerful way to move forward. Building trust and cooperation amongst strong-willed people with different training, different cultures and different priorities is something that is actively promoted and nurtured. Similarly, a work-life balance and a mind-body balance is critical for long term success as well as health and happiness. To these ends our laboratory regularly sponsors events to build community and wellness, while allowing everyone to blow off a little steam and have some fun. Events are typically driven by whatever a given lab member likes to do, so please feel free to offer ideas that we can all attend as a group.


We use Individual Development Plans (IDPs) below to outline training goals and enable efficient and productive mentoring experience. 


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